Friday, January 16, 2009

Patty Got A Job

My sister Patty just got a job as a high school special education science and math teacher on Tuesday. The teaching position she had last year was eliminated due to tax cuts, so she is really lucky that there was an opening and she was hired. Patty had paperwork to do yesterday at the county office and today she got her classroom, sans the students. She just called me and told me her classroom is filthy dirty and dusty and dreary after having a sick teacher, then substitutes. Poor students! Poor Patty! She has spent the day today cleaning and organizing, figuring out what she needed to do to get her room ready for students next Tuesday. Monday is a holiday. I am going shopping now to get her some cheerful posters, anything bright and happy that will not insult a teenager. I am also going to check with the local nurseries to see if they will donate some plants. Patty is going to meet me halfway in Daytona this weekend so I can give her the goods. She doesn't have a U.S. Toys store up there and this place has amazing prices on teacher supplies.

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