Monday, August 17, 2009

Juliet has been "Fixed"

Juliet turned 1 on August 8th and I took Juliet in on Friday the 14th to be spayed. We picked her up Saturday morning and she was VERY excited to see Mark and me, crawling all over both of us. When she's active, she is unaware that she had major surgery, but at night she still whimper/sighs if she moves around, and needs to go outside around 3 in the morning, always fun for me. I'm scared of the spooky creepy monsters that lurk outside in the dark. We have woods in our back yard, a pond in the front, and the animals go through my yard. I'm also afraid an owl will swoop down and steal away with Juliet, but she is getting bigger! The vet said she is an even five pounds now, and he told us that she is slim and trim and perfectly healthy.

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