Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rearranging Furniture

Mark doesn't like change, and that includes the placement of furniture, and what could have been a joyous day of happy change, well, hasn't. I didn't want another recliner, but Mark grew tired of sharing his and insisted that we needed two. Isn't that what 70-year old couples have?? I have wanted to rearrange the family room furniture for ages, but am physically unable, so this was the perfect opportunity, and I made a deal!

I am the perfect wife for a thrifty man! I don't want surround sound, with its ear-rattling bass. I'm not interested in a complicated sound system. I don't care if the TV is HD LCD, and can't see or hear any difference. A nice radio and a normal TV is fine with me! Mark just loves his huge television with all the bells and whistles. We have surround sound that rattles the rafters, and I'm counting SIX electronic component boxes stacked up on one of two matching shelf stands that compliment the TV stand, bought as a set when we got the huge LCD HD monster. In addition to all those components, we have speakers on shelves, speakers on stands and a bass speaker under the table. It glows at night like a spaceship in the family room; six different digital clocks displaying six different incorrect times, and some of them just blinking 12:00. I'm thinking some black electrical tape would fix this problem!

I want a pleasant view when one enters the family room, and it only makes sense that the ugly shelves of components should be moved to the opposite wall, a switcheroo with a matching shelf unit of pretties. I don't love to dust, so I don't have a lot of chatchskis, just these few special things: a set of sweet ceramic bird/plant bookends momma bought me, flock (haha) a handful of useful books - Etiquitte, Home fix-it, Foxfire 1 & 2, Small Batch Baking, Florida one-day trips, etc., a wooden bowl my cousin made, a small flat handcarved loon purchased on a long-ago trip to beautiful New Hampshire, a realistic ceremic blue jay with his tail and wings out, protecting a ripe raspberry (a gift from Mark's dad just before he died in 1984), some silk greenery in handthrown pottery made by a friend as a wedding gift, and a decorative plate my dad gave me of an old-fashioned gas station that reminded him of his boyhood days. It's an unlikely combination, but these things are precious to me.

The component shelves and miles of wires need to be moved! Met with resistance and a stubborn, "Looks fine to me," this part of the furniture moving will be done solo. If their TV and stereo won't work anymore, I guess the men in my house will have to figure it out. I'll just smile at the perfect arrangement of furniture and say something like, "Guess you should have helped," as I tap away on my little latop from this very ugly -but extremely comfortable new recliner.

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