Friday, August 21, 2009

Jacksonville and Caffiene Withdrawal

My oldest sister Kat and her husband Larry moved into our parents house to help momma with her daily needs. Momma had a severe lung infection that took months of strong medication, but although she has recovered, the combination of her weak heart and that infection really took a toll on momma's strength and she has become pretty housebound. Daddy needs somebody to take care of him too, as he is a typically helpless 79 year old man, spoiled to pieces by momma. So, when Kat and Larry want to go out of town, like this long weekend, to visit family in the Pensacola area of Florida, I come up and take over. Kat and Larry are excited about going out into the Gulf on his son's boat, visiting family and their grandchildren.

Mom and Daddy drink decaf coffee, and this is my second day here, without my caffiene. I didn't realize how addicted I have become, with a pretty intense headache today. I fished a Coke out of the fridge and poured myself a glass, and along with some Tylenol, I hope to feel better quickly. Maybe I'll make an espresso if this coke doesn't work.

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