Thursday, August 13, 2009

Squirrels are My Dog's New Friends

I got a bird feeder for songbirds that holds only sunflower seeds and hung it from a metal pole outside the family room window. The birds haven't noticed it, but the squirrels love it! Juliet stands at the window and makes all sorts of noises, none of which are barks to scare the squirrels away. Regulars are Lumpy (he has tumors), Big Momma, Slim (he won't be for long!), Bubba (in the picture), and Grandma. The males eat and run, but the females are curious and will sometimes hang on the screen or sit on the window ledge to look at the dog. Juliet wants to play, and when she pounces on the window, the squirrels take off. The nice thing about this feeder is, they can only pull one seed at a time from the screen container, so it lasts. Last night a bear came and dumped our garbage can all over the yard and mutilated the seed feeder. Mark cleaned the garbage up while I bent the damaged feeder back into shape. Lesson learned, we'll bring both into the garage tonight.

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