Friday, December 18, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

Just in time for Christmas! A mess!!

Here are the "before" pictures of the walls, with wallpaper torn off. We will have textured walls, painted a taupe/beige/tan color to match our bedroom. The towel bar and toilet paper roll will be removed and new ones added. Lots of them! We have had a shortage of towel hanging places for 22 years!!
Picture #1 - standing in the doorway, the mirror is down, and the drop light thing is being knocked down.  We have double sinks, but they aren't centered right (to me) and individual mirrors will look strange, so the old giant mirror goes back up after the work is completed.

Picture #2 -Inaccessable towel bar will be removed.  A mirror (from the boy's bathroom) will be recycled to that wall.

Picture #3 - Standing in the shower (all tile), looking again at the bathtub and that useless towel bar and the wall that gets the mirror.  Imagine standing in our shower, a giant open space, much like a gym shower...No shower curtain or glass doors needed.  Then OMG, there's a mirror!  Well, maybe we'll lose weight...

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