Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Tube Uploads

Because my sister Patty's birthday is December 18th, I found a song about Birthdays and Christmas ages ago, lost it, then wrote to the band that recorded it (for themselves, not on a CD).  One of the band members sent me a nice note and attached the song, which took forever to upload. 

Well my friends, I am officially dangerous!  I learned how to save videos and music in Windows Movie Maker and upload it to YouTube.  Once you put a song on YouTube, it opens immediately and there's not a four minute wait to download.  I took a wintery picture while we were in NC in October, wrote (very badly, sorry) the name of the song and band's name on the picture, and attached that to the song too.

So for all my friends whose birthdays are near Christmas and get those "combination gifts" for twenty bucks...  Here it is:

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