Monday, December 14, 2009


Mark and I bought a ceiling sweeper Christmas Tree from Home Depot.  Crazy that Homer would sell Christmas trees, isn't it?  Well, the tree has some gaps, but I like it.  It's tall and slender and you wouldn't believe how garishly decorated it is!  I just stuck every ornament we had on it after Mark put the lights on (badly).  There are a whole bunch of lights at the top and the bottom.  It turns out that Christmas trees give me a horrible headache, so next year we will have an artificial tree.

Less than two weeks before Christmas and we are almost finished shopping.  Mark and I (well, mostly me) decided to be very conservative with spending this year. This is the first time we have been successful with a Christmas budget.  Yay!

I will begin baking this week.  I always make sour cream pound cakes for my favorite neighbors, plus I promised a cake for my niece Robin's party she's having at her Jacksonville home for our whole family on Saturday.  We are supposed to bring wrapped board games, then we'll have a Chinese gift exchange.

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