Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bathroom Update

The contractor asked me twice if I wanted the bathroom all the same color.  We had just removed wall paper, a lighter color in one area of the bathroom, and a darker color in the rest.  Yes, all one color.

We got home from Robin's party at about midnight and took a peek in the bathroom.  Looked good!  The next morning with the sun streaming in revealed that our bathroom was, in fact, all one color.  A tan/brown color, very nice, EXCEPT the ceiling is also this color.  Yep, he asked me "All one color?" and I thought he was talking about walls, not ceiling!  Gee...

Mark will get some Killz and add a new base coat, then ceiling white will be rolled on.  I hope those two coats of paint will be enough to cover a mud-brown ceiling.  It looks like a cave!  I do like the textured walls and all the work the man did.  Not calling him out to do the repaint, as I did agree to one color. 

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