Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Busy Weekend

On Saturday we webt to Lowe's Hardware store, where we bought 3 hibiscus, lawn fertilizer, and lawn bug killer.  We've been troubled by sand gnats, plus we saw a couple of tiny ticks on our dog, and so the bugs had to go!  David spread it, but he's so fast, I'm afraid he may have run the spreader in record speed, thus not covering enough ground with the poison.  Time will tell.  The weather station said rain, but none has come yet.  Hoping the stuff we spread doens't burn the grass.  I don't look forward to standing outside with a hose.

Mark and I had the nicest Sunday.  We started out with breakfast at the Woodshed, which wasn't anything to write home about.  Next, we took a pleasant drive, windows open, to Mount Dora.  We ended up at a waterside park and enjoyed watching the ending of a sailboat race.  Kids were having a ball in the park and I wondered out loud if I could still hang upside down from my knees.  Mark was quick to warn me not to, or I might get hurt.  He probably had an image of my head hitting the ground.  I still feel like I can do anything, but Mark's got a point! 

A typical stop for us is at the RV store, where we looked for the millionth time at campers and RVs.  We finally decided that a fifth wheel would be the wisest choice, as it has plenty of head room for Mark's 6'6" crown.  Now that we have that decision made, we will spend many enjoyable visits figuring out what is important to both of us in a camper.  We probably won't buy one until we sell our Florida house and move to our North Carolina home.  Having a nice-sized trailer is a good idea so we can bail out when we tire of snowy winters and also so we can be in Central Florida during Spring, so I can coninue with my tour escort job, accompanying high school marching bands.  I love it.  The camper store was having hot dogs and hamburgers, so we ate lunch there.

On our way home we drove through Winter Garden, where the main street was closed for a Spring festival.  Oh fun!  We walked up and down the street looking at all sorts of plants and displays of ecologically sound strategies for better gardening.  We bought six nice-sized azeleass in dark pink with freckles, 3 cast iron plants, and a plumeria stick.  I planted my plumeria today, and look forward to the day when it is as big as the huge one I lost this winter to frost.  We have lots to plant; replacing plants that we lost in frost this winter.  We normally get 2-3 freezes, but this winter we had 13.  Hoping Florida won't have such severe weather next winter.

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