Sunday, April 25, 2010


Oh what a mess I've made!  I cut down hedges, moved plants, and dug lots of holes.  Things look much worse before the beautiful results happen.

Our flower beds were overtaken by healthy, fast growing everything!  The viburnum hedge, closest to our house, became so tall and wide, there was no choice but to hack it all down to fifteen pitiful stumps.  You can't kill it, and they'll grow back quickly, but this time Mark will be sure to keep it at a controllable height.  The garden walkway is such a mess.  I need to break up and transplant the blue flowering plumbago that have just gone crazy, and also I want to transplant the many amaryllis bulbs.  I have dozens of pink blooms, and my mother just gave me several deep red bloomers.  Because they wait until spring to bloom, and grow so tall with the amazing two-to-four flowers per stem, I plan to sink the bulbs against the front of the (future) hedge, placing lower flowering plants in front.

Yesterday Mark helped me finish up planting the azeleas.  Although I bought six one-gallon plants, several had two azeleas in them, and so I split them up.  I think we planted eight under the many oaks beside our driveway.  Next year they will be big and flowering, oh how wonderful they'll look!  Currently they look happy and healthy with a drip hose spraying the entire area.

I still have a lot of small flowering plants to put in the ground; sweet williams, petunias, daiseys, and much more.  It will be so nice.

Oh my back aches up high, between my shoulder blades and up, and including my neck.  It's all worth it!

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