Monday, April 19, 2010

I got a water barrel!

I've always wanted a rain barrel, and finally I have one!  My cousin makes them from barrels that were used to ship food to the United States.  Although they were washed out, driving home with the barrel in the back of my car, enclosed and warm from the sunshine, it smelled so good, it made our mouths water!  I think this one may have had pickled banana peppers!

Here's Chuck's site: Barrels For All Your Needs

We got a rain collecting barrel, complete with small screened hole on top and a spigot on the bottom.  It fits conveniently and hidden in the bushes near our front porch, right under the roof where the water pours into the bushes.  I'm excited about this barrel because we don't have a water spigot close enough to water the front porch plants; I always end up running in and out and dripping water between kitchen and front door.  The photos are from Chuck's website.  Ours is the brown color. The hole is small to control algae growth from sunlight, yet it is big enough to catch the fast and large stream of water that pours from the corner of our roofline. 
(photos are taken from Chuck's site)

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