Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Angel Food Time!

Have I reported on Angel Food Ministries?  It's a food co-op that is usually through a church as a ministry.  This ministry is not for only the poor.  It is a benefit for the whole community and the more that buy in, the more buying power our dollars pull.  I buy a Bountiful Blessing box and the Premium Fresh Fruit and Veggie box for my family each month.  I also buy the same for my son, a 3rd year law student, and finally, I buy a Bread of Life box for a friend who is going through some tough financial times due to her husband's health.  Her freezer is too small for the bigger box and she says that it actually feeds both of them for the entire month.

Mom and dad buy a box, not really sure which, but momma absolutely loves the Fast and Flavorful (TV dinner) meals, because they are easy, healthy, and low in sodium.  I keep thinking my sista/friend Margaret would enjoy having these in her freezer.  Momma and daddy bought a box for their friend Lucille and she was hooked on the quality of the food and money saving goodness.  We all are!

You go online first, www.angelfoodministries.com and see which location is nearest to you.  I go to a church called Victory World Outreach.  This is not my church and they do not press me to become a member.   The scheduled pickup is the last Saturday of the month and while I'm there, I pay for next month's food.  A volunteer carries the pre-boxed food to my car.   I go online and order everyone else's boxes at their local churches and pay for them online at an additional $2 fee.  The food must be paid for by sometime near the 3rd week of the month (January 23rd online) and picked up on the morning that is scheduled online (last Saturday usually).  When I order food, I always plug my old email address - momwatson6@gmail.com in, and suggest my friends do the same.  One day there will be enough people that purchase because of me and I'll get a free box!

The church earns a buck or two per box that they give food to needy families.  If someone orders and doesn't show, their box is also donated.  The food is good, restaurant quality.  The vegetables in the regular food box are flash frozen and delicious.  No dented cans or seconds!  I donate some things to neighbors, like the humongous five pound bag of waffle fries to the neighbor with four kids.  One box is supposed to feed a person for an entire month.  Of course, you'll probably need bread and the regular extras to go with it, but wow, what a savings!

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