Friday, January 28, 2011


Do you cousins?  I have 43 first cousins.
My dad's sister has four: Julia, Shawn, Dana and Erin.
My mother is a Mickler, and with her sisters and brothers, there are 40 first cousins!  
This picture is of aunts, uncles, 1st and 2nd cousins, plus some other relatives at a Mickler Family Reunion.  Photo taken several years ago.

Cousins, one family per line with surname:
Phillip, Shirley, Newmy, Larry, Alfred*, Debbie (Mickler)
Leroy, Barbara Jean*, Lee, Frederick (Hartley)
Randy, Pam (Greene)
Terry, Billy, Charles, Peggy (Riley)
Chucky, Susie (Mickler)
Raymond, Patrick, Stephen, Nancy, Cathy, Jamie* (Mickler)
Kathie, Patty, Marty (Wise)
Susan, Julie, Richard, Chris (Johnson)
Johnny, Chris, Beth (Mickler)
Karen, Sharon, Keith (Howard)
Shannon, Joseph "Bubba", Michelle (Mickler)
*Barbara Jean died as a new infant, Alfred died of crib death around age one, and Jamie had a fatal car accident at age 18.

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