Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dinner Party at Del Frisco's

Mark and I were invited to a birthday dinner for the man I work with at VIP Vacations, Bruce, who turned 59. Mark and I went to Costco and bought Bruce a bottle of Franciscan Oakville Cabernet Savignon for $20. We had a nice dinner at Del Frisco's, along with about 20 other friends. Dinner was delicious, but the prices were crazy expensive. Mark had a salad, ribeye steak, and a beer. I had petite (and we're really talking petite here!!) sirloin tips with garlic buttered spaghetti noodles and a glass of water. Total price: $76 plus a $15 tip. We could have made this dinner at home for $20 and I would have gotten some green vegetables with it! All in all, an expensive evening for us. We both had an allergy headache from whatever is blooming and the people at the party weren't my type of people. Young women with old men that had money, a bunch of single women, and I have to say, Mark and I have never seen so much plastic surgery and fake boobs in one room in our lives. One table of 40-ish single women were hooting and hollering, and and one of them sang the Happy Birthday song to Bruce, a la Marilyn Monroe. Nice voice. Mark and I left after dinner and the party continued at Bruce's house. I heard from my friend Bonnie that later that girl pulled up her short dress to show her indecent panties that said something nasty on the front - her gift to Bruce. Bonnie and her husband felt the same as Mark and I did about the people that were there. Bruce has improved, but these are the only people he can attract until he (if he ever) cleans up is own act. It's such a shame too, because Bruce is a nice person. He just must act so obscene when (other) women are around.

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