Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mom! The toilet's backing up into the shower...

I called the septic tank folks yesterday to set up an appointment to have our septic tank drained. The receptionist asked me when I'd like to have them come by..."Now?" Ok, so I took the next available appointment at 8 AM this morning. This is only the second time in 21 years that we've had to have it drained, and I am happy to announce that our septic system is now empty and healthy for the price of $265. Each month I flush a little packet of yeast into the toilet, and the man told me this is why we've had such luck with our septic tank. It's strange to admit it, but I am excited to get to do laundry after a day of wishing for the huge pile of dirty clothes, towels and sheets to disappear, but we couldn't add more water to the overflowing septic tank.
I went to the grocery store for the first time in over three weeks, and spent $250 for less than two weeks' worth of meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, canned and dry goods, toilet paper, and large jug of bleach to scrub down the shower floor. My grocery bill has grown since Robert moved home. It is not uncommon to have six people at our table for dinner. Robert likes to bring leftovers to work for lunch and so I make sure to have enough for his extra meal when I cook. Dinner tonight was yummy.

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