Monday, July 28, 2008


Mark and I went to visit a nearby sulpher spring, walked in the water to help heal a staff infection/rash on the top of his right foot. (The doctor saw him mid-week and gave him prescriptions.) The water was clear and icy cold. We left and decided a visit to the beach might also help speed the healing, so we drove to Cocoa, and as we neared, Mark suggested an overnight stay. Oh what fun to get away! We had the clothes we left the house in, a bathing suit, and an extra shirt each, and we rented a room at the timeshare we have a week at each year. The beach was so pretty, the water a little chilly, but we both swam and bodysurfed in the waves. Being unprepared, we had to do a little shopping and got travel sized shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes. The only item the timeshare offered was soap. We had barbequed chicken for dinner, then holding hands, walked more on the beach before turning in. In the morning we took another beach walk, keeping in ankle deep water for Mark's foot, and I picked up a lot of shells, pieces of sand dollars in the low tide. We had breakfast, then drove home. I worked at the travel agency today from noon-5PM.

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Leena said...

Your little getaway sounds wonderful. I especially liked the "holding hands" part.