Sunday, July 20, 2008

Faker Fish

My little fish is so happy now with his friends the striped danios and the sheepish little ghost shrimp that do all the gravel cleanup. He swims all day and plays hard. He loves his lilly pads and has saddened me several times now, as he is a very heavy sleeper and chooses to lay upon the highest lillypad with half his right gill, eye, and mouth outside of the water with his body hanging loosely in the water. One touch to his body and he is shocked awake and dives into the water, acting disoriented and distressed. You'd think I'd get used to his sleeping style, but it looks like he's floating dead when I get up in the morning. I leave him alone, speak nicely to him and he wakes on his own and flutters free from his plant to begin his day. Sometimes he takes a midday nap this way too.

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