Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hey There Lonely Boy

My new betta fish, Yul Brenner, seemed so lonely. He just hung around, leaning on his aquarium plant, lovely fins hanging down sadly. I talked to the fish experts online and they suggested that adding other fish is a good idea for a lonely bettas, namely striped danios and ghost shrimp. Mark and I went to Petsmart and bought three ghost shrimp and three danios, which aren't only pleasant fish to bettas, but also the least expensive fish in the store! When we added the new fish to the tank, I fed them very well so nobody would be hungry enough to consider eating their new tankmates. I named the three fish (from largest to smallest) Roger, Ari, and Leena. The ghost shrimp are named Susan, Julie, and Peggy. They all got along swimmingly with Yul Brenner, however I can't account for Peggy, who disappeared overnight. Ghost shrimp are pretty see-through and so he could be hiding, but I am guessing she may have become a meal to a piggy fishy. Yul Brenner is perky and seems much happier. He even comes to the front of the aquarium when I stop for a visit.

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