Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last night I didn't feel well, the beginning of a cold I guessed. This morning it was SO COLD! The wind was whipping and the temperature was in the upper 30's but the wind chill made it seem colder. I was at the sales table for FMBC, selling admittance tickets for the 1A and 2A marching band competitions all day long. The entrance was shaded by a building and so we stayed really cold, to the point that our fingers were numb, most of the day. The lady that worked with me and I took turns running into the bathroom to put our hands under the warm hand blow-dryer. Around 3PM the sun finally broke over the top of the building and we were able to warm up a bit. I will buy some cheap gloves next year and cut the fingertips off so I can count money. That's my main job, counting all the money, strapping it, totalling... Mark is the door guard, making sure things go smoothly and that we are safe, as we handle a lot of cash.

Being exposed to low temperature and wind all day was baaaaad. I felt increasingly worse, and by the time we left, my throat ached, I had no voice, but a frog's, my nose was running, and my lungs felt like rocks were rattling around in them. My head was swimming. We drove home (it took just over an hour) a little while ago and I am drinking a cup of tea with some Southern Comfort and honey in it. If this doesn't help, well, at least I'll sleep well!

Leigh's funeral was today at 2 and I thought constantly of my friend Pam and wondered how she could even breathe in and out, dealing with such grief.

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