Friday, November 21, 2008


Today was Leigh's funeral viewing. Her casket was open and there were wonderful pictures all around the room that showed what a vibrant and outgoing personality Leigh had. Pam and Ben received guests with both tears and laughter. Yes, it was a very somber and sad time, but there was a lot of laughter and good memories. Pam encouraged everyone to wear pink, which was Leigh's favorite color. Rarely did you see Leigh when she didn't have something pink on. Tomorrow is Leigh's 33rd birthday. Pam and her family wanted to make Leigh's death a celebration of both her life and her re-birth into heaven. Everyone was to wear pink again.

Mark and I had committed to work for Cathy and Jon at the Florida Marching Band Competition in St. Petersburg as we do every year. We will leave around 10PM for the St.Pete hotel, and have to be up and out by 6AM to go to the high school in Bradenton.

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