Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Princess Juliet Octavia

Meet our newest family member, Juliet, born 8-8-08. This photo was taken in early October when she was only 8 weeks old and weighed 1.5 pounds. Juliet is 12 weeks old now, and has gained one whopping pound! She is smart and energetic, loves to romp and jump with a twirl landing. She sees people she loves and her ears go back and she makes that "I love you, love me" face. Charming. She tilts her head when we talk to her. I love that too.

I love having another doglet, and Mark is totally smitten. It is hard to teach a tiny terrier terror tricks, but so far Juliet knows to "sit" and we are working on stay and come. She understands the words "go outside potty" as I say that as we head out the door and also when she is successful. The neighbors must think I'm crazy because we nearly have a party when she does "go outside potty". Lots of cuddles and cheering and repeating those three magical words. Eventually she will respond when I say that to either looking indifferent (a no) or running to the door (that would be yes). I have tried to get her to go to the door on her own and instead she squats when I tell her those words. Eventually she will realize it means GO OUTSIDE and not just go potty anywhere.

Having a puppy again has been a lot more challenging than I remembered from 13 years ago. Still, it has taken the hurt off of losing Kelsey. A few days ago I got misty about missing Kelsey. It sneaks up on me so unexpectedly. I often mistakenly call Juliet Kelsey. They are nothing alike, a good thing.

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