Friday, November 7, 2008

Juliet Is So Busy!

Here she is, our baby Juliet. The leaf photo was taken in NC when she was 8 weeks old and weighed 1.5 pounds. Both ears up, now sprouting some silver hair at 12 weeks old and a whopping 2.6 pounds, our little girl is as busy as can be, tearing through the house. Every household item becomes a great toy! This day she chose to play with the bright orange lid from the Spot Shot (carpet cleaning spray) can. Oh she had a ball running blindly up the doggie stairs to the big foot stool with the cup-lid covering her entire fact, then she'd leap a foot across to the couch. After some fun play with the lid, she'd finally drop it over the edge, swan dive off to the floor, then do it all over again!

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