Monday, November 24, 2008

Juliet at 15 Weeks Old

What does a 15-week old doggie do? They run and run and run and run and run! Juliet refuses to come when called, since running away is so much more fun! She knows how to sit and stay and she knows that she's supposed to potty outside, but instead she does exactly whatever whim hits her. Her attention span is very short and she is like a darling and lovable, rotton-egg toddler.

Today Juliet is 15 weeks and three days old, and the vet scales weighed her in at exactly 3.0 pounds. Her legs are getting long and she is still very small and slim. She can jump up onto the couch now (it sometimes takes a few tries) and her new favorite place is on the arm of the sofa. She plays hard and then suddenly she is asleep. She doesn't just jump off the couch, she does a high swan dive, then lands on all fours. Silly puppy!

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