Friday, July 24, 2009

Car Break-In!

Someone broke into Robert's Explorer yesterday morning - in our driveway! Rob had gone into his room to choose a tie and I heard his car door softly close at about 8:30AM. I wondered if I didn't see him pass back by or if it was David. Moments later Robert came back, tie on, and headed out to his car.

"I've been robbed!" Taken from his car were his new HP Turion laptop and briefcase just purchased for law school, an 80 gig classic iPod with brand new case and expensive earbuds, ashtma inhalers, a bottle of Adderall, $50, and his driver's license. If only we knew car break-ins were on the upswing!

The police arrived in minutes and were extremely well organized: One car was posted at the front gates, one was going through the neighborhood asking people if they saw anything. Three more vehicles came to our house. Robert's Explorer was dusted for fingerprints, questions, forms, etc. The gate cop came by, he found Rob's license on roadside of the exit, all prints carefully wiped off by the person that tossed it from his window. All the police left except the one assigned to the case, who finished up his job and left too.

I called our homeowner's insurance, who will cover all but $500. Our family doctor has known Rob since he was a little boy gave new asthma meds from his sample closet, plus a new prescription for the pills. Robert was smart to save the computer box, complete with description and serial numbers. This information goes to all the pawn shops. The iPod is loaded with thousands of songs, and the new owner probably paid $20 for it from a seedy sidewalk salesman. Robert's name and phone number were engraved on the back by Apple when he purchased it online. Can you imagine getting a call? It would go something like this: "Uh, hey. I got this iPod from some dude fencing stolen stuff, and I just wanted to tell you how much I like your music..."

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