Monday, July 13, 2009

Dreaming of Mountains

I dreamed that I was going to drive past our first home from 26 years ago, located between Clearwater and St. Petersburg in a little town called Pinellas Park, FL. Nearing our street, driving down Park Boulevard towards 66th Street and to the south were MOUNTAINS! Not the low tree-covered lump-mountains of NC, but pointy, small, 1000' high mountains with white boulders, red clay, and scattered vegetation, similar to Colarado's, but in miniature. There were no foothills, and Park Boulevard was just as flat as ever, but only three blocks away was the foot of a mountain!

Have you ever been so confused by a new landmark that you doubted your sanity? I asked someone walking down the sidewalk if I was in Florida and he laughed, "Oh those mountains just popped up a few months ago. Aren't they pretty!?"

Now why would I dream something like this??

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