Friday, July 31, 2009

Momma's Birthday

Yep, I'm in Jacksonville again, this time for momma's 78th birthday. She's so funny...I asked what she wants, and she says she doesn't want any gifts. Later when we talked about how many people will be coming, organizing the schedule, momma says she'll open her gifts from this time to that time, then next the cake. I'm going to get her something special today. Her birthday is August 1st.

My sister Kat's birthday was July 26th and I missed her day. The neighbor we grew up across the street from, Margaret Rose, wanted to do something special for Kat's birthday and so yesterday, right after I arrived, we all met at Olive Garden for a birthday lunch. Kat and I both had the most wonderful creamy chicken soup with little dumplings, and of course the salad. Who doesn't love Olive Garden? Her neighbor Jimmy drove Margaret over, and he was such a comedian! It was nice to see Marg for an enjoyable lunch. Happy 56th birthday, Kat. I'm right behind you!!

My other sister Patty popped both yesterday and today, and I know we'll see her tomorrow for birthday party. Of course I got to see daddy every day. I brought some Moose Poop that I made (recipe below), and he took the little tupperware container to his recliner and nibbled on it for quite a while. It's' nice to see all the fam.

Moose Poop:
1) Prepare a big paper grocery bag with a small bag of powdered sugar and 3 Tblsp cinamon. Shake it up to prime the sides with a little dust. Set aside.
2)Put a quarter stick of butter, a cup of peanut butter (doesn't matter if it's crunchy or not) and with a bag of milk chocolate chips in a huge bowl and microwave to melt. Add a Tablespoon of vanilla extract and stir up.
3)Pour in a box of Crispix cereal, a couple of handfuls of peanut M&M's, a couple of handfuls of pecans or raw almonds, or do like me and add both, and whatever else you think would be good. I tossed in a big handful of tiny marshmallows.
4) Dump sticky mixture into paper sack and fold down the top well. I use a stapler, because I've had escapees before. Shake shake shake to coat each chocolate covered Crispix..
5)Lay a wide sheet of tinfoil down, lay two long sheets of waxed paper on that, overlapping. Then pour the Moose Poop out to dry out a bit.
6) After a couple of hours, move the sweet treat into a large tupperware with tight fitting lid. Expect it to be opened often.

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