Monday, July 13, 2009

Gallbladder Remedy Experiment

Knowing I suffered with gallstones before I had my gallbladder out a year ago, my friend Pam called me last night in mysery, "Do you know any home remedies for a gallbladder attack?" I found two online:
  1. Relief from the pain: Drink an 8 ounce glass of 100% pure apple juice with a tablespoon of apple cider vinigar mixed in. It's supposed to make you feel better in only fifteen minutes.
  2. The cure: Buy a 16-ounce bottle of cold-pressed olive oil and some lemons. On an empty stomach, beginning at 7PM, drink 1/4 cup oil followed by a shot of lemon every fifteen minutes until the olive oil is gone. Somewhere during the procedure you "may" vomit ('Ya think??). At 2AM you will wake up and need to move your bowels. Little green pellets will appear. Gall stones gone!

I went to the grocery store and bought supplies for both remedies. Pam tried the olive oil and vomited immediately. It was just too vile to continue, so she sipped on the apple juice mixture, I rubbed her back, and she felt a little better. Pam may try the oil remedy to flush the stones out when she's not having such a severe attack.

I wish someone had the wherewithall to give me this information. I would have drank motor oil if they said it would give some relief!

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