Monday, September 7, 2009

Adult Sons Live Here

I read online about a woman that wanted to get rid of her two adult children. She cut off the cable TV and internet connections, put a lock-box on the thermostat set to the cheap side of uncomfortable, and quit buying groceries... It took 2 months, but they left.

I don't really feel that my sons need to leave. I do, however, feel that they need to pull their weight. We pay for auto insurance, health insurance, cell phones, and keep the pantry filled. We ask that the thermostat be left alone, but I end up turning the air conditioning warmer each morning.

Robert is in law school. He is in class or in the law library from 7AM-10PM every day of the week. Weekends are playtime, and he's gone with friends almost every weekend. He eats out and drinks and goes to football games. Robert cooks breakfast for himself and starts a pot of coffee, then puts his dishes in the dishwasher and washes his pans. Robert worked in a lawfirm this summer, but spent all the money on trips and fun.

David goes to tech school from 8-2 daily. He comes home and sleeps because he stays up most of the night. He gets an occasional parttime job, but has not worked a real job in quite a while. When he did, he spent all his income on himself. Because David has more free time, I feel especially used by him, plus I hate how he sleeps the days away.

I am dissatisfied with the condition of their bathroom and bedrooms, plus we feel used financially. I want more help with keeping the house clean and orderly, and I don't want to pay for everyone's cell phones and insurance anymore. I asked Mark if we could go to basic cable and disconnect the internet (that would be very difficult for me), but Mark said no, that he needs to go online once a week for about two hours for his business, and not to touch cable until after football season.

I'm pretty frustrated and my bank account is shrinking fast.

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Been there, Done that, Still doing it............Marg