Saturday, September 19, 2009

Disney with Family

Thinking about my two sisters in Jacksonville, and how Patty's boyfriend LOVES Disney, so she has a Mickey Mouse overload, and that Kat hasn't been since her girls (now adults with children of their own) were young.  I placed a call to my favorite company that I work for in Spring, doing tours with high school marching bands, and asked the owner (my boss) if he happened to have a spare Disney ticket.  Oh my, he DID!  I was prepared to pay the cost for it, but he just gave it to me and made me promise I'd keep the last week of April and first few days of May open for some groups coming in.  I asked Patty if she could take a day off and spend it with momma so Kat could come to Disney.  Oh joy!  Kat will ride down from Jax with her daughter Karen and her husband and their two children.  It will be so fun for Kat to spend the day at The Magic Kingdom with her grandchildren.  I'll  be there too, I have a 3-day pass with two open days on it.    The secret to a smooth day with a large group (6 of us) is to have no agenda except whatever Karen and Christian and their children want to see.  It'll be great! We'll have such a nice time.

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