Saturday, September 19, 2009

Possible Rituxan Delay

I got a call on Friday from the insurance lady in my oncologist's office, saying that Monday's appointment for my first Rituxan infusion may have to be delayed.  She bagan talking to the insurance company last Monday, but the insurance company is hesitant to approve such an expensive drug without some background.  They require proof of my 22 year history with rheumatoid arthritis, and a list of all the support medications I've had, plus that I have taken biologicals in the past that stopped/didn't work;Enbrel, Remicade, and Kineret, AND that I am currently taking Methotrexate (have been for about 20 years).  This is all true.  So what's the delay??  By Friday the approvers at the insurance company hadn't made a decision.  If I get approval Monday morning, I may still be able to get that infusion I'm hoping for at 10:30.  The doctor's office is about 45 minutes away, so Mark and I will probably leave before we are certain that this will actually happen, taking the risk of having to turn around and go home.  Sigh.  I really really want to do this on Monday, because I have to go back in two weeks exactly for the second infusion.  My calendar is tight...I'll be either in Jacksonville in a week or two, and then to NC October 9-17.  Time constraints!

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