Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grand-Nephew Joshie Diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes

Two and a half year old Joshie (Robin's baby) has been feeling low for about a week.  Friday night his daddy Kevin, who was diagnosed type-1 a couple of years ago, on a whim tested Joshie's blood sugar.  The monitor wouldn't register so he called their number and was told that it doesn't register over 600 and to get that baby to the hospital.  His blood sugar was at 760 - scary and so high that he was in grave danger.  A long weekend in the hospital and now Joshie is home.  Robin and Kevin had lots to learn about babies with diabetes.  He will have a finger stick up to about times a day, plus four insulin injections. 

Joshie, Grandma Kat (holding Juliet), and Chris

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