Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Juliet ate Foam Rubber

I left for Jacksonville on Saturday morning and in the few days I've been gone:
On Monday David, who didn't crate Juliet before he left the house, came home to find Juliet had ripped up a plastic bag.  Mark invited the dog back into our bed (after I suffered through breaking her to a crate at night), and yesterday while Mark was outside working in his truck, Juliet found some foam, "like pillow stuffing" and shredded it all over the family room.  Mark never found where it came from.  Last night Mark found poopie on the carpet, but I have had her trained to go outside.  Somebody didn't let her out after her dinner... And Mark said it appeared her stomach was upset and the cleanup was icky.  Juliet eats a raw meaty bone diet and her poopies are never loose or stinky...something's wrong!

At noon today I got a call from David, announcing that Juliet spent the morning in her crate and had diarreah and was vomiting.  He bathed her and took her to the vet.  The doctor checked a stool sample, thought she could have intestinal blockage and x-rayed her.  Something, but couldn't tell, so barium and x-rays followed.  No surgery needed, and so Juliet got a anti-nausea shot and amoxycillin.  Hey, I'm here and they're there, and so I couldn't question why my dog got antibiotics for an upset stomach.  Maybe he found a high white blood count?  The cost was $350.

Tonight I asked Mark how Juliet felt.  He didn't know.  me-Did she eat?  mark-Yes, David fed her. me- Did she eat it all?  mark-No, there is still some meat in her bowl from two hours earlier. me- OH DUH no wonder she has an upset stomach, throw it out after ten minutes!!!  It's raw meat!  me-Did she potty yet:?  mark-I don't know. me-Please take her on a walk...bring flashlight and inspect poop.  Good night.
mark-Come home.

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