Thursday, October 29, 2009


As you all know, I work part-time for my friend Bonnie in her travel agency. My job is mostly clerical.  Yesterday a client called and she decided to get a cabin to bring her nanny along.  Only problem is, the nanny is only 19 and in order to have a cabin on Norwegian Cruise Lines, one must be, or have a roommate that is 21.  All the 21 year old friends the nanny knows are busy and can't go.  So I offered to be the old person in the girl's room.  I am happy to go, take care of little junior here and there, and enjoy a week on a cruise ship scott-free!  Nanny will be doing most of the childcare.  She gets to be free in Tortola, and I'll be free in Samana, and we'll both be free in St. Thomas.  When the 2-year old is on the ship, one of us has to keep checking into the childcare room to see if he needs a diaper change.  Oh, that's all?  For a free cruise??  Okay...We leave Halloween Saturday, Oct. 31, and return the following Saturday.
Cruise is Norwegian Cruise Lines, Pearl.  Mark and I went on this same ship a couple of years ago.  It's nice.

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