Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I got my car, with the intake valve repaired ($327, ouch) and drove home on Monday.  I was supposed to have chemo for my rheumatoid arthritis Monday, but was able to delay that until Tuesday.  So Tuesday morning I had the Rituxan.  I arrived at 9 and didn't leave until 2.  Because I got hives with the last infusion, I was given double Benedryl along with a regular dose of Medrol (a prednisone) before the infusion began.  I fell asleep somewhere around 11.  When I woke up at 2, I was surprised to see that the nurse had removed my IV around 1, but she left me there to sleep.  I won't have to go for another dose for four to six months. 
I had a hair appointment at 2:15 and arrived a little late.  My face was pale white and I was a little cloudy and shaky.  I went home and layed in the recliner for the afternoon, getting up to cook some dinner.  I knocked over a box of corn starch and it went all over the floor.  A little hand vac got most of it up.  Then I spilled cuscus all over the floor.  David helped me out with that mess and finished cleaning up the corn starch too.  I cooked a chicken, cuscus with garlic and olive oil, and green beans.  David made some brownies for dessert.

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