Thursday, October 8, 2009

Second Rituxan Treatment

Tuesday I had my second Rituxan treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Starting an IV is a challenge, as my veins like to blow, but after one painful vein in my hand went, she switched to the inside of my elbow and it worked like a champ!  Anticipating another hive reaction, the doctor ordered double Benedryl, which was another great idea!  My appointment was at 9AM and the IV meds started at about 10AM. I remember getting some juice and crackers around 11:30, but after that, I slept.  I slept so soundly (Benedryl induced), that I didn't wake up when the nurse removed my IV at 1PM, and she didn't want to disturb me, so I woke up at 2.  I was pale and weak after the IV, but drove myself to a hair appointment and then home.  As with the first infusion, I noticed that I slurred words, but this only lasted the first day.  My hands were weak and when I cooked dinner, I knocked a box of corn starch all over the tile and halfway swept that up, then spilled a box of couscous all over the floor.  David came to the rescue and cleaned up both of my messes.  Dinner was simple, a baked chicken, couscous (there was another box), and green beans.  I felt weak, my long bones ached, but Tylenol checked that, and I went to bed early.  Day two was much better.  I did some laundry, played with my dog, and hung around home, resting a lot.  There won't be another infusion for four to six months.  Yay!  I'll keep you posted on any RA improvement.  So far, I notice my large joints are less compromised.

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