Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Things Dog Blog

Juliet and I met the creator/writer of the All Things Dog blog at the Apopka dog park yesterday.  It was so nice to meet Carrie and her little Papillon Oliver, and as we humans talked and talked about anything and everything, the pups had fun romping with the other dogs. Because of Juliet's petite size, we chose to meet in the field reserved for the little guys, and so Carrie left her two big dog at home.  For future visits with Carrie and all three of her dogs, we took Oliver and Juliet into the big dog park to see how my little yorkie would react, but Juliet was pretty intimidated by the curiosity and playfulness of the big boys.  I am concerned that Juliet will lose confidence if I submit her to large dogs en masse again, as she exhibited quite a bit of fear.  I didn't feel that she'd be injured, but I was worried that Juliet would get spooked and run, slipping under the gate and high-tailing across a busy road to the car, as she has done in the past.  Oliver visits often with his dog family and walked through the yard like he owned the place.  Maybe we'll give Juliet another try when there are just a few docile doggies in the big park. 
Oliver and Juliet, making friends.

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Carrie Boyko said...

Absolutely. Perhaps Tanner and Xena can tag along to be the couple of docile doggies, if I arrive early and they run for a while before you get there. Any way we do it, it is bound to be fun. Juliet is adorable!