Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is Birthday Time for most of our family.  I turn 53 on April 20th, David turns 23 on April 24th, and Robert turns 26 on May 12th.  My Big Sweetie Mark will be 54 in October.  For the six months following his birthday, I get to razz him on how very very old he is until my birthday comes around and I catch up once again. 

Robert moved home for a year and a half to go to law school, but decided he needed his own place, got a bigger loan and moved out.  We are good with that.  Robert is producing.  He has a goal, goes to school, works in summer.  Mark and I have worked so hard to be "fair" that we've enabled our younger son to become lazy.  Wish we realized this a few years ago!

Our younger son David went to college, dropped out. Had a great job, got fired.  He has been attending tech school for 18 months, has worked only a couple of months out of the year.  The computer classes he is taking should be completed in around 18 months, but he isn't finished because he rarely goes five days in a week, and when he does, he arrives late and leaves early.  David  stays up all night and sleeps all day.  He ignores Mark and me and hides out in his bedroom.  We are tired of this and have dropped the work bomb in his lap.  He's very angry, and for good reason!  We pay for his car insurance, health insurance, dental bills, prescriptions, cell phone, and we feed him.  He does his own laundry with my detergent in my washer and dryer.  Why wouldn't he want to stay forever?!!  We are crimping his style!

Here's the arrangement Mark and I presented him with:
April 11th - have a full time job by this date, two weeks is plenty of time to find something/anything.
May 1st - all bills are his to pay.  Save what's left for deposits when he moves into an apartment.
July 31st - move out day.

We told David about this on Saturday morning.  He was mad because I woke him up at 9:30.  (It's not unusual for him to sleep until 3PM.)  This week is Spring Break from school.  He hasn't gone job hunting and it's Tuesday afternoon.  David blames me for the new rules and is acting childish, won't talk to me, put "a NICE mother" on my grocery list. I'm not saying anything else.

I want to cut off the internet and the cable TV.  Mark is resistant.  He's the one that's allowed David to get to this point.  I may just go ahead and do it anyway. I can take my laptop to a neighbor's house, McDonalds, or the library if I need to go online.  I don't care if the TV is on or off.  We should have done this a long time ago.  What are your thoughts?

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You go girl you will not regret it!