Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring! Snake!

Even Florida experiences Old Man Winter, this year more than ever!  Today it was 54F and I cracked a window and enjoyed fresh air. I am ready for flowers, flowers, flowers!  Thinking about the critters that will surface when the cold air departs for good, I remembered the time Mark found a snake in our house.

It was a late night bathroom visit; I heard Mark get out of bed, but he didn't turn on any lights.  He went into the adjoining bathroom and he shuffled barefoot in the dark to the toilet.  I was in a drowsy slumber until I heard a blood-curtling scream!  Mark felt a snake slither under his foot, clearly a good reason to scream like a woman! 

I lept out of bed and turned on the lights to find my 6'6" hero standing on the edge of the bathtub in wide-eyed terror.  A small 2' snake of unknown origin was coiled on the tile next to the toilet, surely equally frightened after meeting Mark's size 15 clompers.  I used a yard stick to lift the snake, and deposited it into the trash can, then covered it with a magazine.  The snake and I went to the front door and I delivered it with a toss into the waiting dewey grass.

Mark had a hard time getting to sleep that night.

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