Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Gift for Grand-Nephews

Because I made Lyla a baby quilt and I made her cousin Mo a quilt with some dolly block remnants, I decided the little boys needed something special to commemorate Lyla's birth.

For Lyla's oldest brother, 7-year old Chris gets an African animal pillowcase.  I've been to the zoo with his family.  They had annual passes and Chris loved it.

For Chris' little brother, soon to be a big brother to Lyla, 3-year old Joshie, gets frogs.  Joshie's family has an aquarium that houses a pet frog named Charlie. 
Cousin of Lyla, Chris and Joshie, and big brother to Mo, 7-year old Ben gets a hunter's pillowcase.  Ben is very proud of a some deer antlers that he has hanging in his bedroom.from a deer his daddy shot.  Too bad the colors on this one came out so flourescently strange in this photo.

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