Sunday, November 14, 2010

Table Runner Instructions

It's easy to make a holiday table runner and only takes 10 minutes.  The runner I made measures 42" long, 15.25" wide.
Fabric Requirement:
1/3 yard for center (I chose printed)
1/2 yard for back/edges (I chose red)
Batting is optional.  Use very thin batting,  cut  1/2 inch smaller than the 1/3 yard fabric and about 42"- 45" long. Cut length when you trim selvage.

Place fabrics right sides together with selvage on the ends.  Sew sides together to make a tube.  Turn right side out.  Press so you will have equal back (red) fabric on each side of the center (print) material, about 1.25" on each side.  If you choose to use batting, slide it inside the runner now.  Trim selvage ends straight across.  Fold the runner length-wise with center (printed) fabric on the outside, Iron only the ends (about an inch or two) to set fabric for sewing.  Sew across folds on the top and bottom, using 1/2" seam (photo 1 below).  Press seam open (photo 2 below) and flip inside.  Iron and secure with a button (photo 3 below) or just tack the center down.  You can get creative and add ric-rac or some other decoration.  If you chose to use batting, it is recommended to stitch in the ditch of the two lengthwise seams.

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