Monday, November 8, 2010

In Memory of Jon Kersten

My earliest memory of my neighbors Jon and Cathy Kersten was 23 years ago.  We met on the street of our neighborhood, and exchanged phone numbers. They had four children, their baby was about six months old, the same age as our youngest son, David.  That afternoon, I dialed their number, "Can you come over? My husband is out of town and I just got home and the front door is wide open!"  Cathy and Jon came over, he in fatigues and carrying a baseball bat, and they checked every room and closet in our new house. I slept sounder that night knowing I had friends that would protect me in Mark's absence.
Jon was a man that was all about family and fun.  Music adds joy to everything and Jon was always be-bopping and skiddley-dooing and drum-tapping his way through every day. His children got the benefit of a daddy that played, really got down and played, with them.  As adults, their father was a mentor, driven to do what was right and good.  His childen and grandchildren have sweet memories.  Jon didn't wait for lemons to make lemonade!

My dear friend Cathy and her husband Jon had the kind of loving relationship that other couples should emulate.  Theirs was kind, caring, thoughtful, and selfless.  Cathy and Jon were in sync.  What a gift that they married so very young...more precious years together.

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