Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lyla Grace's Quilt

So after illness, work, travel, broken sewing machine, and more travel - finally, FINALLY, I have Lyla's quilt top finished.  I will take it to the quilt shop today to be professionally quilted and another strip of bubble gum pink material will make the binding around the edge.  The  back is so sweet.  It's actually at the bottom right of this photo.  Lyla Grace is due to be born a couple of days before this Thanksgiving.

I have harboured a concern that the baby would find a magic marker and make faces on the dollies...It's an heirloom!  But then, I thought of how sweet that would actually be as  an adult, for Lyla to see her own artwork as a child.  Then again, perhaps she never will feel the need to draw in faces.  I have let go of this concern.  Now, what shall I name this quilt?

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