Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After Christmas Update

I went to my rheumatologist the week before Christmas and got the bad news that since I showed no signs of imprivements after two Rituxan IVs, this would be discontinued. A new medication is suggested, Humira, but like Rituxan, the price is overwhelming. I will have to wait and see if there is some sort of grant money to help me pay for the shots. With insurance, my part of the bill for two shots a month will be almost $600, and this is for medication that may or may not help. What a huge waste of money!  Merry Christmas.  I am bummed.

After returning January 4th from ten wonderful days in knee-deep snow in the mountains of NC, I am nearly recovered from a pretty significant chest cold.  Nyquil at night and some non-alcohol cherry chest congestion liquid by day seems to have done the trick.

We found our septic tank had backed up into my shower while we were away.  How totally gross is that?  I ruined my favorite black slacks when I ran into the bathroom and sloshed bleach in the shower, holding my nose all the while, and causing instant orange spots on my pant legs.  The septic tank truck couldn't come until morning, so Mark squirted the air with disinfectant spray and blocked the bathroom door with towels to save the bedroom off from the offending odors.  I spent my first night in 28 years on the couch, as I felt that breathing the nasty odor would further injuure my sick lungs.  The septic tank guy did his job and also unclogged a pipe, $295.  It seems like a miserable job.  I would have asked for more!

The washing machine began banging and walking with a small load of towels, so I called the appliance repairman after the septic tank man left.  Mr. Maytag arrived the next day and a $50 service call, he showed me a simple spring that had broken.  It would take two weeks and cost an additional $200 for the repairs.  I went online and found the same springs (6 of them) for $20 on ebay.  I spoke to the online appliance store, and was told that the springs were a simple install with a pair of pliers.  I ordered the springs and cancelled the Maytag man.  The new springs should arrive tomorrow, but in the meantime, dirty laundry was piling up fast!  I sorted out tons of laundry, shoved them in the back of my SUV, stopped by the bank for quarters, and started washing!  Everything went smoothly until all twelve loads were dry all at once.  Talk about speed folding!

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