Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Organizational Vacuum

My commitment to organize my house was quickly squelched by my friend Bonnie, owner of a travel agency.  We advertised last week for a couple of different cruises and the calls came in faster than she could get the paperwork done.  I am the queen of paper and computers!  Needless to say, Christmas decorations remain in the house, boxes pushed against the wall.  I sent a text to son David that I was tired of Christmas music, as the kitchen clock plays a different tune every hour, and tonight when I got home from work, I saw that he had taken down the Rubbermaid containers for me to fill with all the Christmas Crap.  He also changed out clocks, hanging the bird clock.  I like hearing a different bird whistle every hour.  When the house gets dark, the birds sing softer.  It has been a long day at work yesterday and today, and I'm too tired to put stuff away.  Tomorrow...

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