Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elvis Has Left The Building!

Yesterday was a long day that involved loading and unloading a 14' moving van and two SUVs, packed to the hilt with the furniture and belongings of Robert and Vanessa, each from their parents homes to their own digs.  Robert moved into his good friend Joshua Kitain's home and Vanessa moved into a 3rd floor rental condo, located two miles apart.  They chose an area near UCF for the convenience of his school and her work, which is 32 miles from our home. (Vanessa's parents live just a few blocks from our Apopka neighborhood.)  After a late Friday night of filling boxes, and all day Saturday moving, last night we were completely exhausted! 

Robert is almost 26, an adult that and needs to live away from the parents.  Being a full-time law student is demanding and they discourage working, so our son increased his loans to cover expenses.  He's fortunate that attorneys make a pretty good income, as he'll owe over $100,000 in school loans when it's all said and done.  Private law school is expensive!  The house is nice, a split-plan ranch.  As the home owner, Josh has the master suite, and the two other bedrooms are seperated by the great room with leather sofas and a huge television. Robert has a bedroom and guest bath, and they share the third bedroom as an office. The kitchen is roomy and has a nice work island and breakfast nook with an oval oak table and chairs, and the large dining room has been converted into a billiard room with full-sized pool table and couple of autographed pictures of Mike Ditka on the wall. All Robert had to bring was his bedroom furniture and desk, which is good, as that's all he owns!  All the other furniture he had in his last apartment was sold or donated when he moved home.  Robert has some kitchen stuff (crock pot, knives, etc) that he will blend in with Josh's things.

Vanessa rented a private condo.  It is on the third floor at the end of a unit, which gives her a really nice wooded view from her bedroom window and great room, with double-glass doors that lead to a screened in patio.  The great room is open to an eating area, and counters seperate the kitchen, with ample cabinets, pantry, and a laundry room.  Vanessa's bedroom is big, with a walk-in closet and a pass-through door to the bathroom, that also opens into the living area. She also has a nice coat closet in the small foyer entryway.  She has an alarm system and the safety of being on the third floor.  They moved her things in, put her bed together, dressers in place, etc., as I unpacked some of the kitchen things.  It was rainy, and I am a klutz with stairs, so once I got in, I stayed.  Vanessa has bedroom furniture, a wire "butterfly" chair,  desk, coffee table, TV stand with large TV, and in her dining area, a heavy-duty plastic-formed card table and chairs from my garage.  All she needs is a book shelf (hers fell apart) a couch and chair, and eventually a real dining room set.  She estimates that after March, her home will be complete. Her 23rd birthday is next month, maybe she will get some things for her new home.

We are very proud of Robert and Vanessa, but will miss their cheerful personalities in our home.

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