Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

It was such a nice day yesterday that we opened he windows to let our house breathe out the old stale heated air of winter and deeply inhale the new spring! 
Big plans for Spring Cleaning have been announced and I was too excited to go to sleep last night.  I am a list-writer, and so I had imaginary "things to do" lists flipping through my mind's eye as I layed awake and listened to the frogs until they settled down after midnight.

The social life of our pond frogs was in full swing!  Every sort of frog rose their voices to loudly announce that Spring Has Arrived in Central Florida!  The loudest, and what one would imagine would be the final crashing crescendo of their symphony would be followed by one lone bull from in the middle of the pond. He sang out loud and clear, "Come on in!"  It was the deepest alto one could imagine, and sung over and over again in his sexiest and most relaxing Barry White voice.  Dozens of spring peepers chimed in nervously, warning "Too deep, too deep, too deep!"  A teeming melodious chorus of every frog voice one could imagine joined in, beatboxing the suggestion "Better go around! Better go around! Better go around!".   The pond's edge didn't have an empty seat and the water must have been shimmering from the vibration of constant sound. 

It is morning now and the sun just rose.  The air and the trees are still, too tired from all the nighttime excitement.  Frogs are sleeping in, nursing their frog party hangovers.  An occasional chirp from a waking bird is hushed by the rest, wishing for just five more minute of peace.  Even the squirrells have slept in.

I sit quietly in my house, collecting my thoughts. My sleeping dog is in action at my side, her tiny paws move as she dreams of chasing bunnies. A fan drones on in the next room, and the coffee maker with it's familair gurgles, is telling me a busy day is about to begin.

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