Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Bright kids need challenge, and sitting attentively with little hands folded on my desk didn’t work for me. My grades were poor, as I couldn't stay still long enough to pay attention. I was a bicycle-riding, roller skating, hoola-hooping, jump-roping champion! I liked being outside and active. Good grades and advanced classes remained always beyond my reach, surely due to a poor learning foundation, some hyperactivity, and probably a learning disability somewhere in the reading comprehension department. I went to college and made A's in what interested me.  I was poor at learning by rote, typical of untrained smart minds. I have often felt robbed, as I know, given the right direction, I could have been a great student, or at least, understood why I wasn't succeeding.

I don't feel that the actions of a crazed substitute and desperate mother caused me any psychological damage; however the misery of second grade stays fresh in my memory.

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