Sunday, January 17, 2010

Productivity Challenge

Clutter has taken over my world and it is overwhelming!  There is a drawback to having a big house: I get one room organized, then another overflows.  In a pitiful attempt to gain control, I decided to do a little self-punishment and report the embarassing details here in a daily journal. 

My plan of action starts tomorrow, getting Christmas decorations into the attic, something I cannot do by myself.  The Christmas tree displaced some furniture and we need to put things back in place. 

Each day I will report on my progress as I chip away at the following:  My bedroom needs organization and I want to move the furniture.  Closets need to be purged.  Taxes need to be compiled, and I have a plan for the paper that piles on the counter, a filing system I found online from a book called Start Over/Finish Rich. 

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