Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

We left Christmas Day to go to Jacksonville, spent the night there, and finally drove to our home in Beech Mountain, NC.  It was a wonderful snowy week!  It snowed and snowed and snowed and we shoveled and shoveled and shoveled!  It was an enjoyable week with Robert and Vanessa, David and Audrey, and Mark and me.  We got home on Monday after about ten days away.

Now here's the drama --- septic tank backup!  Ugh!  The closest place to the septic tank is our master bath, and the lowest spot would be our big walk-in shower.  It's a lot like a gym shower, about six feet square, and there is no need for a curtain or glass doors.  The floor of the shower had some gross stuff sitting in it and P.U. did it smell awful!  The next morning the septic tank cleaning guy came with his big truck and cleared out the clogged pipe and emptied the tank.  I wanted to move, but instead tackled the mess with a jug of bleach.  Slosh, slosh, slosh, then run away fast!  What happened?  DRAMA!  I was wearing my favorite black slacks.  Well, they are now polka-dotted.  Sob...  The bathroom is clean, the odor is gone, and sanitation is under control.

We brought home all the dirty sheets and towels from NC.  Add to that a bunch of pre-Christmas dirty clothes, dirty winter clothes from NC, and we have a total of 12 loads of laundry begging to be washed.  I have it all sorted and in baskets in the family room.  So I started the first load Tuesday morning and whump-whump-whump!  What the heck was that??  I called the appliance repairman and he found that we needed new springs at the base of the washing machine tub.  A set of six runs $200 with installation, and the springs would arrive in five to seven days.  I went online and found that exact set in an ebay store for $20 and ordered it.  The man told me on the phone (from ebay store) that they are simple to install with a pair of pliers.  The springs I purchased will arrive in three days.

My dog is bad!  She walks outside to go potty and takes a whim to walk away.  I wonder if she's hard of hearing?  I can yell my head off, and she only looks back if I squeak a toy.

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